August 1914 St Thomas, Ontario


first battalion badge

As I gaze out at the photographer who has come to take our group picture, I can’t help but think about the adventure that I have recently signed up for.  It is a hot, humid Southern Ontario summer day and my new uniform is uncomforatble.  How I wish he would take the picture, I mean get on with it!! With me, standing on the steps of the city courthouse are 100 other men who have signed up for an unprecedented adventure.  Some of them call out joking, Maybe the camera can’t handle the strain?!!! There are others who whisper about the war in Europe, hoping that it will still be “on” until they get there.  Some have mentioned how they would like to see family and friends in England again. “Alright gentlemen!”, POOF

I am looking forward to a change from working for the Pere Marquette.  I mean the railway is a great job but the chance to see a foreign country, I must admit is appealling.  The rest, the war, being a soldier… I cannot fully explain my feelings.  Excitement, pride, and I must admit nervous of the unknown.  For all I don’t know about my future, I can share with you my past.  This is my untold story, 98 years after this photo.

Munsee Translation

Nii nuwundhiigweexiin ktweekhiikanong, nii numushaaleew soochulow lateexun. Kshulaandeew nin mahta wlamameew. Nuwiichii poxku lunowak poxkwiikaapanwuholmwa.  Neekumaawu nuwudaaptoonaawa aalundaween kwiishkwtoonnheewihna.  Aalund neekumaawa akuniimeew njoosumak waak nxoohoowuw eenglushong.  Ni nuloowatawaapow aanjihtoowk alohkeew Pere Marquette nzukasunaanay.  Numawii tali kaanzhaachiimow.  Nii nulaachiimohkaaweew.









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